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Free Auto Clicker

Cok Free Auto Clicker

This tool model mouse click action including left-click and right-click continuously. It let computer users break away from onerous and repeated work! You only need to move the mouse to the place where you want to click and then press the hotkey. Cok Free Auto Clicker will click automatically in accordance with your instructions. When you need to stop auto click, you only need to press the hotkey again. What's even better is you can set this tool "Run on Windows Startup" and "Minimize Start-Up". After you checked these two options, the software will auto run when computer startup and minimize to tray icon, so you won't notice its presence until you click the hotkey. It support all the 32 bits and 64 bits Windows XP, Vista, and Windows7 system. If you have problem when you use it in Vista or Win7 system. Please find the solution in FAQ page. It is green software which you needn't to install it. After you download it, you can run it directly. Cok Free Auto Clicker is suitable for gamers and other people who special needs the function of mouse clicking automatically and continuously. Another surprise, you can use it for free no time limit.


Auto Typer

Cok Free Auto Typer

Cok Free Auto Typer is the best solution for Customer Service in internet to answer repeated question and other person who need special requirements to submit repeated tables, forms. This auto input software saves time to type words in keyboard and improved efficiency a lot. It input any text including article, passage, phrase by press the hotkey of the settings. If you have set many sentence so you are confusable what shortcut key you should click, you can active this software and double-click any item to copy it to the clipboard, then you can paste it to any input box. In order to save times and simplify operations more, you can press hotkey ( default is Ctrl+T ) to active the window and press the hotkey again to hide it. Also you can let this free auto typer software in the screen coner and set it always on top to prevent other window cover it, then you can press the hotkey refer to your settings in the software interface.

Mouse Emulator

Cok Free Mouse Emulator

This software is mouse emulating software, it simulates mouse operation by operating your keyboard. You can use numeric keypad area to control your mouse moving and clicking easily. Clicking 0, 1, 2 represent mouse left click, mouse middle click and mouse right click. Clicking 4,5,6,8 represent mouse moving to left, down, right and up. It won’t disturb you to use other key in your keyboard. You can use other key to input characters normally. Further more, if you need to using numeric keypad to input number, you can press start/stop hotkey to switch, the default shortcut key is F9. Another useful function is you can set it run automatically when the windows startup and minimize to tray icon when this software begin to run.

Free MP3 Recorder

Cok Free MP3 Recorder

Cok Free MP3 Recorder is free software that easily records any sound from microphone, music or dialogues from film, voice conversation from Skype, Yahoo Messenger to mp3 format file. You can set it:
1, Only record input voice from microphone.
2. Only record output voice from your computer (sound card).
3. Record both input voice from your microphone and output voice from your computer.


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